interactice 360-video tour of an industrial site

Alstom - 360-video Tour with Video Restranscription on laptop

About This Project


As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom designs systems, equipment and services for the railway sector.

Alstom offers a complete range of solutions from high-speed trains to metros and trams – customized services (maintenance, modernization, …) as well as infrastructure and signaling solutions.

With more than 105 sites althrough the world, the presentation of its plant in Poland is a key element in demonstrating its industrial expertise.

Located near Krakow, the Alstom site in Katowice is the center of excellence for the manufacture of aluminum and steel train cauldrons. Alstom manufactures subways and regional trains.

Myoken was asked to create an experience to present the site and its main industrial activities in an immersive and interactive way: engineering, welding, painting, assembling, packing, testing.


To achieve this goal, Myoken has created an immersive 360 video tour designed to equip salespersons.

Broadcasted on a Samsung Gear headset, this interactive 360 video offers a virtual tour of the factory. Users navigate thanks to the eye tracking through the various areas of the plant.

The vision of the user in the virtual reality headset is transmitted in real time on the commercial laptop. He can thus comment on the visit and adapt his argument according to the actions of his client.




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