Make the rights choices

We study your project in its entirety and by all its prisms: marketing objectives, targeted audiences, distribution, logistics…


The perfection often hides itself in the littles details. To insure the well achievment of your project, we ask you a lot of questions about it but it is only for your well being !


And especially to propose you THE scenario. The perfect one who can deal with all objections and answer to this fatal sentence “but in fact, we thought of …”. Each choice is argued, explained.


Pedagogy is our motto so that you have all the elements in your hands to understand and decide.


Designing and technologie

Designing immersive and interactive experiences in augmented reality or virtual reality involves both creative and technical skills. A new type of narration is born with its own codes and constraints.


Myoken is a multidisciplinary team of specialists: designers, artistic directors, 3D graphic designers, engineers. They are all united by the passion of the challenge and the desire to design the best user experiences.


This expertise has been sharpened over the years thanks to the feedback of our  previous productions. Their teachings represent priceless value which garanty the relevance of Myoken’s expertise.


Solutions for tomorrow

Our profession is naturally anchored in innovation that’s why we love it so much. R&D is daily, organized and shared.


Authorized by the Ministry of Research as a private research organization, Myoken is certified as CIR and CII. This allow you to access to tax credits according to your project: pure research or innovation of use. It’s quite interesting.


Experimentation is better than a thousand words! To test, to discover and to understand, our showroom is opened for you by appointment. You will find our latest realizations, virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses …